Monday, April 29, 2013

Subtle People Walls

I'm pretty sure that's the face my husband made when my text told him that our daughter wanted to paint her room the color people purple. We had a good laugh over that auto-correct fail, and now it has been an ongoing joke. I was seriously read to get my paint on in Claire's room, though, so I could finish unpacking her things and put away the multitude of boxes that are consuming the living room. I picked up a gallon of paint at our local Home Depot, and could not be happier with the result: subtle people purple walls.

Unfortunately my pictures do the color no justice. In person, it is simply divine. The color I chose is Behr's Lilac Champagne in their paint/primer duo formula with an eggshell finish. I had tried another color, Lovely Lavender (also by Behr), but luckily I only purchased a test pot of that color. It turned out to be MUCH brighter than I had anticipated.

Above you can see where I began to cut around the trim with the lilac and over the lavender. The lavender is a pretty shade, but just not the soft, subtle shade I was looking for.

Now that the walls have been painted, I'll be removing the dated aluminum blinds and painting the trim. I should tackle that this week once we have turned our keys over for the rental house in NY. I am also in the process of refinishing her bedroom furniture. I made the unfortunate mistake of choosing the wrong type of polyurethane when I painted her bed, night stand, shelf, and table/chair white a few years ago. The crisp white quickly yellowed and looked more like it had spent the last 30 years in a smoker's haven rather than a toddlers room. Yuck.

Sanding down the furniture turned out to be a lot more tedious than I anticipated, and here is what I wound up with after using three sanding discs:

I'm kind of loving the distressed look. Is that weird? Maybe I am just a tad feeling lazy, too. We'll see how it all comes together once I finish the rest of her furniture and assemble all of the pieces. I've also got a little work to do in her closet.

Your eyes do not deceive you. That is, indeed, a hang bar screwed into the window. An odd choice for placement (not to mention it's an odd place for a window), so I'll be moving it down below the window sill and installing a shelf above it to keep the sunlight from bleaching anything stored inside the closet. More things to throw at Bob. I'll be sharing more about it once I get the basic room together and can formulate a good design plan.


  1. haha - people walls! That's so cute. At first I thought you were subtle people, needing equally subtle walls. Purple is such a lovely choice. I actually like the distressed look of the headboard, it would look really pretty with purple for a sweet vintage look. I gave up on sanding when I found out about chemical strippers - comes off like buttah!

    1. Thanks, Tanya!

      I was also thinking that the distressed headboard would look nice with the people. I mean purple. :)