Monday, April 8, 2013

We did it!

It's official! We are homeowners as of Friday, April 5th, at 5 pm! Did you all get your dancey-dance on like we did?

I have to admit there were times where I didn't think we were going to make it. The lender we chose to facilitate our Va-approved loan waited until the last minute to settle a few paperwork blunders, and it was nothing short of a miracle that we were able to close on time. No pain, no gain, I guess! And we are so very  happy to have gained a place that we can call our own.

Now comes our next hurdle: moving. We have a very limited schedule on when we are able to move our things with my husband's upcoming work schedule. In fact, we have about a 36 hour window to load the truck, drive down to Pa, unload the truck, and turn it back in before my husband will have to head back to NY. That means it is even more critical than ever that we are prepared ahead of time to ensure everything goes smoothly. In fact, I better get my checklist started!

I'll be back again again next week once our internet has been established at the new casa! Until then, wish us luck as we scramble to "get-'er-dun"!

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