Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Over Estimate

Always overestimate. Always. We learned a hard lesson this weekend as we had to leave half of our things in NY because they didn’t fit onto the moving truck. Apparently a 17’ truck does NOT move a 2 bedroom house as the website claims. More like just 2 bedrooms. The rest of the rooms in your house are screwed. Lesson learned: always get the bigger truck! 

We were short for time in moving as it was, and the added stress of not being able to get everything really got me down.  I feel like the biggest idiot ever. So we’ll be making another trip (or two) for the other boxes that we had to leave behind, and in the meantime I will be unpacking what we were able to bring with us.

And of course it’s par for the course that the basic things we would need (such as silverware, etc) would still be in boxes at the other house, so we have been “making do” with finger foods. Ones that don’t require refrigeration. Because apparently our fridge stopped working some time early this morning as well. And all of the groceries I had bought last night were beginning to spoil. No use in crying over curdled milk, right?

So if I were to gain some positivity to our situation, at least we will be moving forward with our kitchen makeover much faster than we had anticipated. I went fridge shopping, and nearly had a heart attack when I saw the prices of stainless steel appliances. Holy moly! Stainless, none the less, is definitely the look I want in our kitchen. So I immediately went home to see what kind of deals were to be had from Sir Craig and his List. 

There was some difficulty when it came to shopping online for a used appliance. First, I was hesitant to fork over a large amount of cash for a product that has no guarantee. I didn't want to pay someone so I could haul away their trash. Second, I would need it to be delivered to me since we do not own a truck, nor was I able to find someone else to help me move it. 

Thankfully, for a few extra beans, I was able to get a great deal on a 3 year old stainless steel side by side Amana fridge, and it was delivered right to my door. The gentleman even helped move it inside. I handed him my wad of cash, and did a small happy dance as I started to feel the cold air blow through the vents. My happy dance was short-lived, though, because my dining room now has a fridge permanently parked in it since it would not fit through the kitchen opening. Womp, womp. 

Since we are moving forward with our renovation plans a little earlier, I am looking forward to giving you a better tour of our kitchen and help you visualize the changes we intend to make. We’ll likely be moving forward in stages as we are able to budget certain things, and I’ll break that down for you in a future post.
Until then, I am going to have to work on my MS Paint skills (since I lack the convenience of a Photoshop program) to give a better visualization of what we would like to do. Sometimes our ideas look better in our head, so being able to see it for ourselves will help us be sure that we are making decisions that we will like.

Anyone else agree with the notion that when it rains, it pours? Thankfully we've found the rainbow on the other side of the storm. Hope you all have a great week!

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