Wednesday, February 27, 2013

We're Under Contract!

I cannot even begin to tell you the excitement we have over our offer being accepted on a house this week! We are one step closer to finally having a place to call our own! I had tried to keep hush hush on the details surrounding the home with which we were interested in for fear that it wouldn't work out. We've shared several listings/photographs with friends and family and each prospect turned out to be a bust. You can imagine our disappointment, so I wanted to be sure we locked in THE ONE before spreading the word. We mailed out our deposit and the signed contract has been forwarded to our lender, and now begins the process of appraisal and inspection. We elected to have a home inspection and land survey done on the property so we could be aware of any issues the home might have, and so we know exactly where our boundaries are. We plan on fencing the yard in the near future to give us privacy and our pets a place to roam safely.

To ease some of the suspense, I'm including a few of the listing photos of the exterior of the home. It is located in York, Pa, and will situate us perfectly between our relatives. We have friends and family all over the area, and it also puts us within close proximity of Carlisle-- the car show Mecca of the North East. We've been long-time classic car owners, and so this will put us right in the heart of show season.

This house was built in 1938, and has a beautiful stone exterior. It features 3 bedrooms and 1.5 baths, has a large walk-up attic, and 2 garages (a detached 3-car garage and a 1 car garage located in the basement level of the home). The interior, which I will share more of once we close on the house, is very outdated. I'm talking black and yellow tile kitchen with burgundy 50's laminate counter tops. We've got some ideas already running through our heads as to how we want to tackle both the bathrooms and kitchen. Some day we'd even love to finish the attic space as it would make a terrific play room.

Hopefully within the next month all of our appraisal and inspections should be complete, and we will be ready to close on the home and move in. Until then, I've got lots more packing to do and tons of inspiration to pin!

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