Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Terrarium Update

Last fall I posted about the terrarium I put together from an unused apothecary jar, and I wanted to update you on how our little mossy friend was doing.

As you can see from the pictures, the moss has been quite happy, and has been sprouting like crazy.

I still have the blank spot to fill in some time down the road. Maybe I'll find a little fern to put inside to keep my moss, stones, and gnome company.

I haven't put any water inside since I assembled the terrarium back in September since it hasn't been needed. This efficient little ecosystem has done a great job of recycling the moisture that is already inside the jar. As for the lighting, our living room isn't a particularly well-lit place. It doesn't seem to have affected the growth of our moss, however. Originally I placed the jar on the mantle, but it's since been moved to one of the end tables on the side of the room. The window faces the house next door, so we keep the shade closed. A small amount of light filters through the slats and from behind the curtains.

I think the ultimate test will be when we move to a new home this spring. I plan to leave the terrarium intact as we transport our things. I'll be sure to give another update once we get settled in.

Speaking of getting settled in, I have an update on our house hunting! And what an experience it has been! It was great to finally meet the realtor we had been working with over the phone, and he is fantastic! He really understands what we are looking for, and gives us all the information needed to make an informed buying decision. He hasn't tried to sway us in one direction or the other which is very important, and he is incredibly knowledgeable. I've learned so much in talking with him as we've gone through numerous houses. We spent three full days driving from house to house. There seemed to be more misses than hits, but we definitely came away from our trip with a house that we really like. Hopefully we'll be making an offer on a property very soon. Wish us luck! :)

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