Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday, Monday

Happy Monday! Normally that would be an oxymoron, however I have some great news to share. We are excited to announce that we have made an offer on a home this weekend! We are still waiting to see if our offer will be accepted, but once that is done we will anxiously await the appraisal and inspection process. We're so psyched about our potential new home, but I have to say the amount of paperwork involved is surreal! My eyes were nearly ready to pop out of my head after reading the disclosures, and making sure we initialed or signed where needed. I was never meant for a desk job, so the real "work" (or fun) begins when we get the keys to our new abode and start getting our DIY on!

If that great news wasn't enough to cheer up your day, then you'll love the little treat that I have for you. While I was blog browsing last week, I stumbled upon Julia's page Hooked on Houses, and fell in blog-love.  One thing I love is to look at is houses. It has by far been my favorite part of house hunting. If you love it, too, then you'll be hooked on Julia's blog like I am. My favorite posts have been the real estate bloopers and faux pas that she posts through reader submissions. I've found myself often wondering "what were they thinking" when it came to some of the descriptions and pictures included on various listings, and some of the things she has blogged about are down right hilarious. Like this post about why homeowners shouldn't appear in their listings. It's sure to cheer your case of the Mondays!

So that's about it for today. Hopefully later this week we'll have some good news about our offer! I've been keeping things pretty mum about the place for fear of "jinxing" our chances of getting the house. I'm normally not a very superstitious person, but it has seemed like every listing I would share with a family member or friend turned out to be a bust or was sold before we could get a look at it. You can be sure that I will be going into photo overload once we close! :)

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