Friday, February 22, 2013


This past weekend we took a trip down to Pennsylvania to visit family, meet our realtor, and do some house hunting. We spent three days searching the area for houses that suited our needs, and after our first day of searching was finished we stumbled into an antique mall to look around. It was a great way for my husband and I to spend some kid-free time, and we even managed to score a few deals! I thought I would share a few of the things we managed to bring home with us.

Check out this amazing deal on Fiesta Ware that I found!

The gentleman who ran one of the popular glassware/dish specialty booths had two boxes of imperfect or chipped/scratched Fiesta dishes. He was asking $10 for a box of cups, and $8 for a box of plates, a bowl, and one salt/pepper shaker.

My interest was mainly in the three gray tea cups in the first box, but after haggling with him, I managed to score both boxes for $10! I love these dishes, and even with their chips, they're a great addition to my collection.

I think this bowl is the most damaged piece overall, but  from the top angle, you can barely tell. It'll still look great displayed on a shelf.

The next great deal I found was this $8 feed bag. The seller was not tending their booth this weekend, however they were running a 25% off special on their items. After discount, this cute bag only cost me $6.80 plus tax. I love the grey chevron stripes, and even though it has a few stains, it adds some rustic charm. I think it will make a terrific pillow cover!

My husband also walked away with a find. He's a big comic reader, so I pointed out a vintage Pepsi Collection Robin tumbler. He nabbed it up for $18, and while some may think that is pretty steep for just one glass, he was more than happy to pick it up this hard-to-find memorabilia for his collection.

Lastly, I managed to find a lovely wool rug. I'm not sure where this rug was made, but it is lovely. I love the rich blue color, and the simplistic flower design. This will look awesome on the floor of our new home-- maybe in the kitchen or in a foyer. It was priced at only $20, but the seller of this particular booth was also offering a 20% discount on their items so I paid only $18. A steal, if you ask me!

And that wraps up our antique mall spoils. I am very happy with our finds, and I think we got some great deals. I love rummaging through antique stores, and this just goes to show that some gems can be found in the midst of some over priced stuff! Have you been antiquing lately? Do you collect anything vintage? Tell us about your finds or where the great deals are to be had!

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