Wednesday, August 15, 2012

That's So Pinteresting!

I've been contemplating a weekly themed post, and what better way to connect to DIYers of all types than through one of our favorite mediums- Pinterest! Are you as addicted to that place as I am? To kick off the very first series of "That's So Pinteresting", I thought I would dedicate today's topic to one of the latest things to hit my boards:  Mosaic's.

After finishing my curtains, I noticed while editing the photos how bland my end tables look (ever notice the different perspective photographs offer? Weird, huh?). They're dark and muddy looking against the teal Ikat patterned fabric not to mention their finish is a little worse for the wear after moving several times in the last few years. I love these tables, though. The deep-set top has prevented many a spill from a tipped-over glass from spreading. The legs were a bit rickety, though that was nothing a little bit of Loc-tite couldn't solve (the bolts holding the legs onto the top kept coming loose). But what could I do to transform the top into something durable and fabulous? I thought about painting the tops. I thought about using decorative paper and Mod Podge. I even considered making a type of shadow box by installing a glass top. But after turning to my fabulous friend, Pinterest, I knew exactly what I wanted to do: a mosaic!

Isn't that herringbone tile design just dreamy? Love it. How about this gorgeous flower piece? 

Or something with a little ethnic flavor? I adore these intricate Moroccan tile designs.


I can't deny my draw to the blue tones. My husband think's it's a sickness (I'm still in denial), but it's also a great way to incorporate dimension in the space to contrast while still blending with the teal. Check out this mosaic design. It's one of my favorites. So simple looking yet so intricate. And, yes, hints of blue. My fave. 

I think a tiled top would really take my end tables from dark and boring...

To unique and sophisticated!

Once again, thanks to Pinterest, I now have some more supplies to add to my "To Do Shopping List". I've never tiled anything before, so this should be a fun learning experience! Have any tips or tricks to share? What projects have you been pinning lately? 

By the way, if you'd like to read more about the curtains click here for the project reveal, and here for an easy-peasy tutorial! Enjoy!

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