Friday, August 17, 2012

Setting the Bar...

When I posted our house tour, I briefly mentioned that there was a "bar" at the corner of our dining room, but I didn't lead into much detail or post pictures of it. My intuition leads me to think that the cabinetry used to create this little treasure haled originally from the kitchen, and was relocated after a series of renovations. I quite like it's placement, and it provides the perfect place to entertain guests or even just ourselves! Here is a snapshot from the day we moved:

The owners updated all of the hardware, added some chrome stemware racks, and left the upper doors off of the cabinets to give it an open shelf feel (and get a load of those curtains). There are a few things that I am looking forward to changing (like perhaps some patterned paper on the back of the cabinet to give it some interest and perhaps updating that old globe-style thermostat). 

Overall it's a great setup, and conveniently located. It also seemed like the perfect place to park my beloved Keurig and the cabinetry below is an excellent place store our coffee and cups. Here's what our initial set up looked like once we had unpacked a few things:

I pretty much gave my husband creative freedom of the open cabinets so he had a place display his Buddha figures and military ball glassware. Sometimes I feel a bit guilty because I sort of take over on the style/design of things. On the very top of the cabinet is my small collection of German cookie tins. I love how eclectic and  pretty they are, but they're also an excellent way to store small things.

The bamboo mat on the top of the cabinet belongs to the owners, and was left behind along with their curtains. I've changed the matchy-matchy curtains out for a more simplistic gray panel, but I am still on the hunt for something that better fits the top of the cabinet. I just don't feel right about cutting this mat down to size because it isn't mine. I'm sure Pier 1 has plenty of options-- I could seriously spend all day in that place. 

I've found myself rotating between containers to store the coffee, and in the time between taking the pictures and posting them here, I've already made several changes. I wanted something that would provide easy access to the coffee but also keep it fresh. After a little shopping in my kitchen, I came up with a couple containers that I purchased in a set from Target. They even have little scoops on the side to help measure out the coffee and sugar. Maybe one of these days I'll invest in a Silhouette by Cameo and go on a desperately needed labeling spree. 

(Don't worry-- I used the Keurig just before taking this photo. It's not dirty-- only wet.)

I spent some time organizing the inside of the cabinet as well. I used some tin planters leftover from a previous birthday favor to stash some of my favorite K-cup flavors for the Keurig. I also found an awesome roller-top box that I found at the Goodwill for only $2.50. It's perfect for organizing tea, and I've got plans to spruce it up with a little paint and scrapbook paper. 

So what do you think about the new bar trend these days? Do you have one set up in your home, or do you long to create one? Have any tips for keeping it organized? Share your thoughts or ideas! 

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