Wednesday, August 22, 2012

That's So Pinteresting: House of Mirror's

Usually I turn to Pinterest when I need some help in conjuring up craft or design ideas. Knowing what you want and translating that into something you can execute can often be a hard thing to do. I'm a pretty visual person, too, so being able to see something that I like right in front of me can help me envision how to create what I want. This week I announced that I would be starting the makeover of our guest room. This room has two decently sized windows, but can sometimes feel small and dark. I'd like to hang an arrangement of mirrors to help open the space up a bit, and add some interest and light. Here are some inspiring pictures that found their way to my Pinterest wall this week:

Is there really such a thing as too many mirrors on a wall? Could you blame anyone for wanting to put that theory to the test? Mirrors have been the trickster friend for ages. They span beyond the looking glass these days, and designers have been incorporating them in their designs for a multitude of reasons. Just look at how airy and light the rooms in the pictures above feel. The ornate and architecture of the mirrors also provides interest, and the light reflected really brighten up the space. Let's not forget to mention how much bigger they make the room feel!

The star-shaped mirrors above are a favorite. I would love to find a pair like that to hang on the wall in our guest room. They're so playful! The great part is, they work in any room-- not just the bathroom! 

What do you think about mirror clusters? Do you think they're over done, or the right amount of chic? Have you incorporated them in your home decor? What has your eye in Pinterest this week? 

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