Monday, August 20, 2012

Ahoy! Makeover Ahead!

Now that the former"Blueberry Room" is the feminine, pink home of our daughter, I am ready to turn my focus onto the spare room. I plan to use this space as a bedroom for my stepson when he comes to visit and as a craft studio for my Etsy shop, Little Lotte, but at the moment it is lacking in design and organization (which is not very motivating in terms of getting some work done, plus my shop has been on vacation since we started our move). Hopefully a little makeover will make it a place that not only keeps my creative juices flowing, but will make me want to spend more time in there while providing an excellent home away from home for our other kiddo. Here's a view into what we're dealing with (brace yourself, we're keeping it real):

Chocolate brown accent wall? I like the idea, but not my preference in color. The finish is also pretty awful, and brings out a lot of the flaws of the drywall. It's also strange how the owners brought it around the corner to meet the doorway, but didn't carry the color across to the other side. They also left the corner trim white which, to me, looks odd.

The closet is located in an awkward place behind the door. It's also raised several inches off the ground to make room for the ducting of the heating vent. The single hanging rod and small shelf above are a poor use of space, though, so I hope to add a few more shelves at the bottom for organizational functionality.

Of course I've turned to Pinterest for organizing my ideas and to gain inspiration. Here are some of my favorite's:

Sensing a theme here? While I'm not interested in creating "The Blueberry Room 2.0", I would like to use a navy shade on the accent wall that is currently brown. I think it creates just the right amount of chic drama that I am looking for, and is fitting for a young boy. Best of all, I can do it on a serious budget since the owners already have this color on hand. That's right-- I won't have to spend a dime on paint!

I've also got some great ideas for a desk/workstation and some artwork that I am beyond excited to try out. This might turn out be the biggest and best nearly-free makeovers that I have ever done, so you won't want to miss a second of it! Stay tuned to see what I've got up my sleeve!

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