Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It Ain't Easy Being Green...

I've put a lot of thought into our dining room lately. When we initially moved in I thought that the dining room was going to be the only room left "unchanged" on the downstairs floor, but I've been having second thoughts about that lately. Now that we've narrowed down somewhat of a color scheme for the living room after painting (click here to see the paint transformation that room has undergone), I am not sure how well the apple green color plays into the more jewel toned teal of the living room. Yes, they're both green(ish), but somehow I think that they might clash. Here's a little more insight as to how our living room has transformed from move-in day. She looked a little something like this:

If you are unfamiliar with the layout of our home, the above picture shows the angle from the back of our dining room. The upper left side (yellow room) is our living room, and the doorway on the right leads into the kitchen.

The above picture was taken at the entryway into the dining room from the living room. The owners tan curtains with green beaded leaves were in sad shape from what looked like several climbing episodes from a cat. There's also a handy lesson to be learned by looking at them, too. See how short and squat the room looks? A lot of that perception has to do with the curtains. Not only are they mounted on the wood frame of the window, but they pool onto the floor. Simply raising the height on the curtain rods, and maybe extending them a few inches past the window frame will not only make the windows look much larger, but it will also add some visual height to the room. Easy remedy that has a huge payoff. Kind of like paint!

This view is taken from the doorway of the kitchen. Here you can see the same curtain dilemma from a different angle, and also a view of the bar. These were all taken on move-in day. Here's what the dining room looks like with our furniture unpacked and arranged in the room.

I haven't taken the time to adjust the curtains yet, but I did switch out the rods for a set of our own. The curtain panels are simple gray and white panels purchased from Target. Our dining room table and desk were Better Homes and Gardens clearance bargains from Walmart. The table top features a table decal from that I won through a blog giveaway on IHeartOrganizing. I love it because it protects the table top without the need for a table cloth. The table looks so much more streamlined, and I don't have to worry about a toddler pulling my table cloth (and whatever might be sitting on top of it) to the floor. 

So tell me, do you think the apple green should stay, or should I start looking for other paint options? I'd like to keep things pretty cohesive in the house. I'd like it to be soothing without being too devoid of color. Using the same color we painted our fireplace wall came to mind (Glidden's "Clay Bisque"). I've also thought about darkening it up a little more with a deeper emerald or teal color. I've been really into jewel-tones lately. What do you think? Any suggestions or opinions?

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