Friday, August 31, 2012

A Month (or Two) in Review

Today celebrates two months passed since we officially moved into our new abode, and things have come a long way, baby! I figured that today's post would be well spent on reflecting on the things we've already accomplished, and setting new goals for the future. Plus, being the flagrant list-maker that I am, I need a good way to organize projects, and keep on the straight and narrow of accomplishing them (I'm also infamous for starting a project without finishing it).

The living room was the first room we tackled after moving in. The vivid orange and yellow "mac-and-cheese" walls had us singing the blues (cue adorable kids from the Kraft commercial), but a creamy white helped temper the blazing ambiance of the room. Read more about the transformation here.

We also painted the upper wall on the fireplace a grayish clay color to give it some depth and contrast. The black mirror, candlestick, and picture frame accessories on the mantle also received a mini makeover. Check out the before and afters here and here.

Finally, we added some color and drama to the large window on the far end of the room with some custom made curtains. Check out the transformation here, and you can find the tutorial to make your own here.

In the kitchen, we gave you the grand tour and a mini makeover of the upper half of the walls. We're far from done in this room, so I'll be adding quite a few projects to my "To Do" list. Check out the first half of our plan here.

Upstairs, we ripped out the dirty, smelly carpet and transformed our former "Blueberry Room" into a space fit for a little princess. Check out that amazing transformation here.

We also started the serious-budget makeover of our guest room. It's far from finished at this point, but we have some fun organization and craft projects to add to the "To Do" list. Check out all of the details here.

Overall, I think we've accomplished a ton of things in the first two months of living here. We've also got a long way to go to finish some rooms, and yet to start on others. Here is a small list of things I hope to finish in the up and coming months:

Living room:

1. Clean and paint the interior of the fireplace/hearth.
2. Unify the fireplace accessories by painting them a matching color (ORB).
3. Update the lighting in the living room with some matching lamps, and paint the silver torch lamp ORB.
4. Bring more color and texture to the living room with artwork and pillows.

Dining Room:

1. Settle on a jewel-tone paint color that ties in with the living room, and creates a little more drama.
2. Line the drawers and wall on the upper cabinet of the bar to give a more finished appearance.
3. Raise the curtain rods above the windows and lengthen the drapes to add visual height to the room.
4. Find a rug to define the dining space and add some texture.


1. Paint the lower half of the walls.
2. Add storage to organize drawers and shelves.
3. Line the drawers and shelves.
4. Window treatments


1. Paint!
2. Caulk the front steps (you can see through cracks into the basement)
3. New window treatment

Sun Porch:

1. Paint the ceiling a calming blue tone and the walls a nice beige.
2. Seating
3. New window treatments

Guest Room:

1. New curtains
2. Storage and organization in the closet
3. Furniture

Master Bedroom:

1. Paint
2. Furniture
3. New curtains
4. Vanity area
5. Organize/paint the walk in closet.

So much for a "small" list! This is just a random "off the top of my head" list of things I would like to accomplish. There are a bunch of smaller little things that fall into some of these categories, but I think this overall list will keep me going strong and give me lots to do in the months to come. Stick around and help me stay on track! :)

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