Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Trim and Furnishings

Things are starting to really come together in Claire's room. I've spent the last week hard at work painting the windows and trim and sanding down her bedroom furniture. The windows were extremely tedious, and though I was cautiously cutting in around the glass panes, I did have to go at it with a razor blade in a few spots. Some of the paint that I scraped off was from a previous paint job, and of course it made a huge mess. But it is progress, people! Here's a few before and after shots.

 I had some nail holes to fill in and quite a few gaps and cracks to caulk. It helps give the trim a nice, clean finish.

Overall I am happy with how everything is looking. I wonder if the color I chose, Simply White by Benjamin Moore in a Behr satin finish, is a little too creamy. It's definitely not a stark white. I suppose time will tell.

I also managed to finish sanding down the bed, and repainted the bookshelf. I decided that I really love the distressed look that I achieved with sanding. It's elegant looking with the purple, and I cannot wait to buy some new bedding to jazz it up. Target has some lovely sheets in the Shabby Chic collection that would be perfect. I think I'll be waiting for them to go on sale, though, since $40 for a set of sheets is a bit steep. I'm a cheapskate frugal.

I still have to sand down and repaint the night stand. You can see here how yellow and dingy it is in comparison to the bed. In person it looks even worse. I had mod-podged some paper to the drawer fronts, and it is peeling in places.

This room could use a fancy new light fixture as well. I'm not a fan of the boob light. I'm just so glad to be living in a house which has rooms with overhead lighting, though. Our previous rental homes in New York and Texas did not have that luxury.

Claire is enjoying her new room, especially now that it has furniture in it! Hopefully this week I'll get the curtains hung, and some of her things moved in. I've also got some more work to do in the closet so I can hang her clothes in there. The hang bar has been relocated, but the walls could use a coat of fresh paint, and the window needs caulked and sealed. I'd also like to install a shelf above the hang bar.

So that is the progress for this week. I am looking forward to bringing in some more color with her accessories. Any suggestions as to what would pop with the lavender? Maybe some yellow? What about a hunter green? What do you think of the room layout? Should I keep the bed on the large wall that it is on, or should I move it in front of the window on the far side? I have a wicker linen chest that normally sits at the foot of her bed, but with the current layout, there won't be enough room.

Anyone else making progress on a remodel project? :)

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