Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Storage Cart

I just wanted to leave a small post about the crate I bought at HomeGoods, since I had some questions. First, this thing is pretty sizable, and I was incredibly happy to pick it up in the clearance aisle, no less. I paid $24.99 for it (original price was $39.99). The distressed exterior really got me, but also the weight of it. It's not a flimsy little bin by any stretch of the imagination. It made me love it even more.

My first inclination was to see if this bin would fit beneath the wardrobe that we recently moved into the room, however the handles made that an impossibility. I could have attempted to relocate the handles (and certainly that is an option for the future), however I decided that I liked them as is for now. I also knew that if I was going to use it in this space, I wanted to make it easier to move about without damaging the floor. Immediately I thought that some casters would be a perfect addition, and I picked some up at my next trip to the hardware store.

It was a very easy modification to make on the crate.  I purchased wood screws that did not require pre-drilling, and it took about five minutes to complete.

I think it's going to make excellent storage for some of Claire's adored stuffed animals. The girl has a mini-zoo going on, so hopefully this will provide her with a place to keep them safe and off the floor. We are certainly in need for more storage options, so stay tuned as I work those out. It's been a slow but steady process, and I cannot wait to give my munchkin a great little space of her own.

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