Friday, May 24, 2013

Happy Birthday, Claire!

5 years ago, at exactly 5 pm on May 24th, my little bundle of joy came into this world. I had been in labor for over 16 hours, my husband was deployed overseas, and I just wanted to get OUT of that hospital! Not without my munchkin, though. :)

It was you and me from the start, kid, and I relish the mommy-Claire time that we have shared. We're a regular Thelma and Louise. "Somebody said get a life... so we did." Every day has been an adventure, and I look forward to growing old with you. Sometimes it seems like high school, prom, or college are right around the corner. Your passion and enthusiasm fascinates me. You are funny and kind. You are sometimes wise beyond your years. I love seeing your little mind work, and enjoy teaching you the finer things in life.

Sometimes I am sad that my little bundle of joy is no longer a little bundle, but you will always be my joy. I have been there for every milestone-- from your first wet diaper to potty training. And I will be there every step of the way as you grow another year older. Happy fifth birthday, my little cupcake. Mommy and daddy love you!

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