Monday, March 11, 2013

That's Pinteresting! Half Bath Envy

It's time for another edition of That's Pinteresting, and this week we'll be focusing on everyones favorite seat in the house: the Bathroom!

Another sorely outdated area in our home-to-be is the bathroom, and our house has two. A full bath upstairs, and a small half-bath on the main level. The upstairs bathroom is rather outdated, but the downstairs bath was an addition to the home (installed into what used to be the hallway leading down to the basement) and needs a minimal amount of updating. I'm always down with a mini-makeover while budgeting for something major like the kitchen.

Here's a few half-bath's that have found their way onto my inspiration board:

I'm thinking that a little vintage-style tile, some paint, and some handy storage will give our little half-bath a big dose of style on a small budget. I can't wait to reveal the inside of our new home-to-be after we close. We only have a couple more weeks to go!

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