Friday, June 28, 2013

The Curtains That I Didn't Make

Say Whaa?!

I blame Target's Threshold line for being so darn pretty. And when I found that they had a BOGO 1/2 off coupon on the website for curtains, I was off to Target to get me some. I think my daughter's room is starting to become the poster child for that store.

In the store I had thought the trim applique on the panels was more of a chartreuse green, but it turns out that they're more of a goldenrod yellow. I think they play nicely with the tulip design on the bed sheet and also pick up hints of the same golden color in the doll bedding I made earlier this year.

I've also put some storage together for Claire's things. We have a few bins of toys stored under the bed, and I'll be making a custom bed skirt to hide them from view. I've also utilized a suitcase to store her barbie collection. I picked up this vintage piece at the goodwill for $4, and amazingly enough it stores EVERYTHING. There are even a pair of cars in there! I love the pockets on the side-- they're perfect for storing smaller pieces like brushes and accessories.

Originally I bought it to paint and put casters on, but I decided that I really loved as it is. I did need to repair some of the trim on the inside which had a small tear. Nothing a little bit of glue can't fix. When Barbie and Co aren't in play, they tuck easily out of the way under the wardrobe.

I brought Claire's rocker up to her room so she could lovingly care for Poomba while he naps in the crib. The picture on the wall was given to me by my mother. It's an original Hummel piece, and used to grace my nursery wall when I was a baby.

The other side of the room boasts more Target clearance finds, including the unicorn bank that was only $4, and the grey star burst mirror that was $8. My child's movie collection is sickening, isn't it?  I'd love to bring more artwork into the room since there is plenty of empty space still on the wall.

This room is starting to look so much more put together now, and I really love how it's evolved. There are still a few things to do on Bob, though:

Get new lighting
Hang some artwork
Find a rug that fits the space
Book rails for the reading nook
Fill the empty space above the wardrobe somehow
Floating shelves above the doll bed (?)
Sew duvet cover using the tulip sheets
Hang some hooks on the wall behind the door for more storage.

So that's pretty much it for now. I love how this post started about curtains that I didn't make and wound up turning into a mini reveal. I think they really bring everything in the room together, though. I like them a lot more than the green floral ones I had hanging in there previously. What do you think?



Once I get things cleaned up in the other bedroom, I can unpack my sewing machine and get to work on the duvet cover. I'm keeping an eye out for some pretty artwork inspiration, too. Hopefully I can figure something out for that large space above the headboard.

Anyone else enamored with Target's Threshold line? Are you having as hard of a time resisting their clearance as I am?


  1. I want this room and I'm a 27 year old woman! haha

    1. I hang out in there ALL the time (and secretly wish it was mine, too), haha!