Wednesday, January 23, 2013

'Bout Time Bedding

Well, since I announced that we will be moving in April, obviously I won't be making any more updates or changes to the house which we currently rent. I've got a ton of ground to cover in the next three months such as finishing current projects, organizing, and packing.

One of the unfinished projects I've had on my "to do" list for quite some time was sewing some new bedding for my daughters canopy doll bed. I posted a little sneak peak of my progress on the bedding last week here.

The pink and white gingham fabric that previously dawned the bed was a 90% polyester blend. It was so sheer and fragile that it didn't even make it through the first year of play before it tore beyond use. The bed desperately needed some overhauling, and it only took me about a year and a half to finally get around to it!

Here's how the sad, little doll bed looked before it got a desperately needed makeover:

Sad, huh? You can barely see it over there on the left-hand side. Cupcake opted to use it as a makeshift garage for her Barbie cars. Can you blame her? What doll would want to sleep in that thing?

Here's where I left you guys last week after I spent a few days laboring over the sewing machine trying to figure out how to make the bedding. I'm not a seamstress by any means, but it seemed straight forward enough. I just hoped that my machine was up to the job (it's been on the fritz for a little while now).

Isn't it cute? I love the material. It's called Infinity and Infinity Flowers and is a fabric line made specifically for Joann Fabric stores. I love how bright and colorful it is-- especially compared to the cheap polyester gingham fabric that came with the set.

Naturally every doll bed needs a blanket and a pillow, so I made good use of the scraps and pieced together a little mini quilt.

Sorry for the dark, grainy photo. Best I could come up with at night using the Ipad. Here she is back in the cupcakes room.

Cupcake seems to really enjoy her doll bed even more now. It's not completely finished, though. There are a few minor details that I would like to add including:

A mini mobile to hang on the hook
A mattress to make the bottom of the bed more plush
Matching fabric covered bins

The bed originally came with fabric covered bins. In fact, I still have those. They still dawn the original pink and white gingham fabric, though, and so I would like to use my leftover fabric to cover them before putting them back on the bottom shelf. Who knows how long that may take me to finish, though. I may just re-purpose a wicker basket and sew a lining to match instead.

Now that one project is checked off of my list, it's time to get cracking on a few others. Hopefully I will have the fortitude to complete them before moving time comes around so there will be less for us to haul around to our next home. Wish me luck!

Anyone else an excellent procrastinator like I am? Anyone handy with a sewing machine that can give me some tips on what may be the problem with mine? I've changed out the needle, cleaned and oiled it, and adjusted the tension/tuning, but I still can't get it to make a zig-zag stitch. Maybe it's a sign that I should break down and buy a nicer upgrade. :)

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