Monday, July 1, 2013


That pretty much sums up what my plans are for the next few days. Sure, I have a second bedroom that needs cleaned, a front door that STILL needs to be painted, some mending to do, and a duvet that needs to be sewn. But I just couldn't resist the temptation of laying in bed all day while the kiddo is camping with Grammy and Pappy. I mean, I earnestly thought to myself, "What's the one thing that I just cannot do while the munchkin is around?" And my answer was nothing. Absolutely nothing. And so that's what I aim to do. At least for now, anyway. :)

I'm sure when she comes home I'll think back and wonder why I didn't take advantage of all of the free time I had to get things painted and not worry about little fingers touching them, but sometimes the body and soul just need to relax. We have been in our home for almost 3 months now (!!), and it often feels like I have been in fast forward mode the whole time. It's nice to have a couple of days to just relax, lay in bed, read a good book, and not worry about a single little thing.

Read anything good lately? I'm diving back into my love of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander. I love that series, and am anxiously anticipating the release of her latest book this coming Spring. It's time to catch up and prepare myself for the TV series adaptation of the book on the Starz network as well. Let's hope they do it some justice!

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