Friday, November 9, 2012

Pinterest: A 12 Step Program for our Bedroom

I'm a dreamer. Who isn't? Sometimes my dreams are much bigger than my wallet, though. Who can relate? I think that's part of why I am so addicted to the wonderful fantasy world of Pinterest. I get to collect all of my "someday" and "maybes" and put them into organized photo boards so I can stalk them for months and years to come. Not creepy in the least.

 Being able to hoard all of my "must do" projects in one place instead of leaving open a million tabs on the computer is seriously all that and a bag of extra butter movie popcorn to my little dreamer world-- something my husband appreciates, too (the popcorn, not the tabs because, who am I kidding, I still leave them open). It's also saved so much space on my computer since I no longer have to "right click save as" something I want to remember later. Seriously, I could go on forever about how much I adore Pinterest, but I don't have to preach it to the choir. Those of you who already use it KNOW.

Lately, our bedroom has been on our mind. It's a room that I haven't shared with you yet, mostly because it's a HOT mess. I'm talking mattress-on-the-floor-because-our-box-spring-won't-fit-up-the-stairs, and I'm kind of embarrassed by that. Crawling in and out of bed (literally) sucks. It gives me flashbacks to the days of when I moved into my first apartment, and I had no furniture aside from the smelly couch that the previous owner left behind. Our lack of furniture in the room has left a crimp in my style, and the rest of the room has suffered because of it.

Here's what our bedroom looked like on the day we moved into our rented abode. It's a nice size room, but excuse me for not being crazy about the poo-brown walls and cream trim. I guess it could have been worse if you considered the color scheme for the rest of the house (mac and cheese, anyone?), but I am secretly yearning to makeover this space. I want my husband and I to have a haven we can fall back to after a busy day at work or chasing around two dogs and a toddler. And this is certainly no haven.

Here's a never-before-seen shot of the other side of the room. Its got the same awkward corner window as the other side. Naturally, our mattress lays against the wall where my husband's gym bag is sitting. It just seems like the best place to put it considering the shape of the room. On the far wall in the picture above, we have two bookcases (those fun 9-cube shelves from Target or Walmart) where my husband houses his comic and Star Wars collection. I always thought it would be fun to add some window seating in that corner, too. The door you see leads out into the hallway at the top of the stairs. My vanity sits on the wall in the left corner of this picture (where the heat register is), and to the left of that is where our walk-in closet is (the mirrored door you may have noticed from the first picture).

Naturally, the first thing I dreamed up for this space was a new wall color. Booty brown just isn't cutting it. I'm thinking more along the lines of a deep, moody gray with crisp, white trim. Kind of like the following inspiration I have been pinning to my boards:

(image from

(image from

(image from

(image from

That last picture above seems like it would be a perfect fit for our bedroom. It even has the funky corner window just like ours. Aside from the grey tones, I began to notice another trend popping up in the photographs I liked: upholstered headboards. Yup. Definitely need one of those in my life. Unfortunately the shape and design of our current bed would make it difficult to upholster. It's a slatted sleigh bed that was a gift from a friend who was moving. Not only did she give us the bed, but also the matching night stands, too. Here's a picture of  the bedroom in our previous house so you can get a better idea of what I am talking about.

The bed is lovely. Probably one of the nicest furniture sets we've ever owned (the inside drawers of the night stand are velvet lined), but it just isn't working for us. And while this queen size bed was an upgrade from our former full-size (the bed which my daughter now sleeps in), if the funds were to allow, I wouldn't mind stepping it up to a king-size. At least I know that the box springs wouldn't be a problem getting up and down the stairs!

A girl can dream, right?

Maybe tax time will help make my dream a reality for us. My husband is down with selling off our current furniture to off-set the cost of a new bed, so I have a few months to find something I like within our price range. Who knows, maybe we'll splurge on the mattress set and DIY a covered headboard. In the meantime, you can be sure that I'll be loading my Pinterest boards with inspiration!

Anyone in the market for a solid-wood, slatted sleigh bed with matching end tables? :)

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