Saturday, July 21, 2012

Just the beginning...

Change. We all go through it. Some of us more than others. Being a military family, change happens often for us, and it is something that we have learned to embrace. After moving as often as we have, we've been pretty good about rolling with the punches. It's an opportunity for a fresh start, a chance to see new places, and make new friends. It also challenges us to grow as a family even when family is thousands of miles away.

In the last month, our family has hopped on that trolley of change once again. We packed our things and hit the road, traveling from Texas to upstate New York. It was sad to leave behind some great friends we had made over the nearly three years we lived there, but we were eager to start a new adventure. And thanks to media resources like Facebook, we can always stay in touch.

My husband, our 4 year old daughter, and myself. 

Getting settled in a new place takes time. It has also been a different experience each time we have moved so far. This is also the first time in four years that we aren't living on a military installation. There are a lot of positive aspects to living on base-- less travel time to work, community privileges, etc. But there are also some downsides to living in government housing. Limited availability, some of the housing communities are old and outdated, and the challenges of making the space you are given "your own."  We always opted to make do with the dingy white walls because we felt it wasn't worth the effort of having to restore everything back to its original condition before we moved out. To be honest, it seriously cramped my style! After years of faithfully browsing DIY blogs, I longed to have a place that I could unload my arsenal of Pinterest creativity on. With another decade or so to go until my husband decides to retire, we felt as though home ownership wasn't a good option for us at this time. This left us with choosing on-base housing, or trying to find a home within the surrounding community that met our needs. Thankfully we were able to make the latter  happen.

Can anybody else relate?

My husband and I are looking forward to starting this transition; turning just a house into our home (even if it is only temporary). We've even struck the jackpot in terms of easy-going landlords. They have given us a great amount of liberty to make changes to the property (within reason). Both of us being fans of blogs, we thought that we would bring you all along for the wild ride and start one of our own.

If you've stumbled upon our little page, thanks for stopping by. Check back often as we go into more detail of our home, and the many plans we have in store. We'll probably be asking just as many questions (if not more) than we might be able to answer! This is our first time both blogging and taking on the DIY projects we have in mind. We'd love to have some feedback, too, so don't be shy! Leave us a comment!

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